Agriculture Tech

SeeTree is a digital agriculture platform for permanent crop growers who are looking to gain deep insight into the health and productivity of each and every one of their trees.

The end-to-end service provides growers with intelligence on individual trees and tree clusters from the air, ground, and underground. Data extraction is performed using high-resolution, multi-dimensional sensing imagery obtained from drones, paired with ground sensors and rangers with boots-on-the-ground who acquire samples for further analysis.

SeeTree was founded in September 2017 by former intelligence officers and serial entrepreneurs to bring technology disruption into the world of tree farming. The co-founder and CEO of SeeTree, Israel Talpaz, brings decades of intelligence experience. The co-founder and Chairman, Barak Hachamov, built multiple successful companies, and the co-founder and CTO, Guy Morgenstern brings over 18 years of R&D managing experience.

The company is based in Tel Aviv with offices in California and Brazil, and has 50 employees including global experts in artificial intelligence and agronomy.

Israel Talpaz
Guy Morgenstern
Barak Hachamov
Tel Aviv, Israel