Moovit is the largest transit and public mobility company in the world.

Moovit owns and operates the world’s #1 urban mobility app on iOS, Android and the web providing millions of users routing and timing data of public transportation (train, bus, subway). Moovit owns the world’s largest repository for mobility data. It is used to build a unique Mobility as a Service solution.

Moovit was founded in 2012 by CEO Nir Erez and VP of Operations Roy Bick. The company has over 800m users globally and works in 45 languages across 3,200 cities in 103 countries and is adding a new city every 24 hours. The company was acquired by Intel in April of 2020.

Moovit is based in Tel Aviv and has an additional 20 offices worldwide, and has about 210 employees globally.

Nir Erez
Roy Bick
Yaron Evron
Tel Aviv, Israel
San Francisco, United States
London, United Kingdom
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sydney, Australia